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Group Fitness

Are you looking for a fun, friendly environment to motivate and challenge you? Bartlesville Wellness Center group fitness classes offer something for every level.​ Attend a class to not only get a great workout, but meet other members to help you stay committed to improving your health.

Phillips 66 Fitness Services advises you to consult your physician before starting this or any other fitness program. If you experience pain, dizziness or shortness of breath at any time while exercising, stop immediately and seek medical care.


Group Fitness Schedules

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LES MILLS OnDemand classes are available to members at a special rate of $9.99 per month with a free trial. Get unlimited access to LES MILLS workouts through the affiliate website.

LIVE Virtual Classes

Virtual Desk Stretch Break 

Join the Wellness Center Staff every Tuesday at 10:35 a.m. & Thursday at 2:35 p.m. for a short 10-minute stretch break live via WebEx at your desk. If you are interested in joining the live stretch break email the Wellness Center staff. 


Recorded Fitness Classes

Workout with the Wellness Center staff through virtual fitness classes! Password: Fitness

15 Minutes Abs with Andrew

Join Andrew for a quick core strengthening workout.  No equipment required.

Ab Express

Join Katie for a great ab workout in 10 minutes!

Back Friendly Abs with Ryan

Join Ryan for an ab workout with your back health in mind.

Cardio Circuit

Join Jesse as Ryan leads him through a quick cardio circuit.

Full Body Workout with Justus

Join Justus for a 15-minute dumbbell only full body workout.

Gettin' to the Core

Join Walker for a quick core workout.

How to Calculate Your Target Zone

Join Jesse to learn how to calculate your heart rate when working out.

Kickin' It with Katie

Join Katie for a 10-minute kickboxing class.

Leg Work with Katie

Join Katie for a leg day workout.

Life Change 180 with Katie

You've built your brain, now build some brawn with Katie Vaughn!  Take on the challenge of this 15-minute dumbbell only full body workout and take yourself to the next level.

Short & Sweet with Katie

Join Katie for a quick abs and arms workout.

Stretch it Out with Katie

Join Katie for a full body stretch class.

Total Body Blast

Join Walker for a total body workout.

Upper Back How to
Join Jesse to learn how to train the most under trained muscle group, the upper back.

Working Waist & Legs with Walker

Get a great core and leg workout with Walker!

Waist up with Walker

If your goal is to build your fitness, now is your chance with Walker Vance. Take the challenge of this upper body workout and take yourself to the next level.