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The Bartlesville Wellness Center offers numerous fitness programs, activities, and services to assist employees and their families in reaching their health and fitness goals. Our focus on engagement and education is most important in enabling employees to make better decisions regarding their health and wellness.

Bowling “High Score” Challenge

June 19 – 29

How it works:

  • Register Here
  • Come to the Bowling Center anytime from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday – Thursday, or 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from June 19 – 29 to complete the challenge.
  • You get two games to bowl your best possible score. 
  • You may bowl both games on the same day or return another day during the challenge dates to bowl your second game.
  • You can warmup for as long as you’d like, just notify the Bowling Center attendant on staff before you begin the games to be officially scored.
  • All participants who bowl at least one game will receive one entry in a drawing for prizes. Additional entries earned are based on the high score achieved out of the two games bowled:
    • Score of 50 – 100 equals 1 additional entry
    • Score of 101 – 150 equals 2 additional entries
    • Score of 151 – 200 equals 3 additional entries
    • Score of 201 – 300 equals 4 additional entries


  • The drawing winner will receive the following:
  • Phillips 66 branded sweat towel
  • Phillips 66 branded shaker bottle
  • Phillips 66 branded Nike running hat 
  • The participant who bowls the highest score in the challenge receives a:
    • Phillips 66 branded Yeti tumbler

Hero Month

05/01/2023 – 06/02/2023

Register Here

The challenge will start Monday, 5/1. There will be a special kick-off event for the challenge which will take place from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. on the first day off the challenge. Participants will have until Friday, 6/2 to complete the challenge.

The Wellness Center staff and the Phillips 66 Veterans Network will be partnering together. They will be in the south lobby of the Wellness Center handing out challenge cards, providing free swag, and directing non-members to the Fitness Center for enrollment. All Wellness Center members are invited to participate.

Participants will receive a weekly workout handout to complete within one week time. Weekly workouts will be relevant to a U.S Armed Forces branch:

– Week 1: United States Coast Guard

– Week 2: United States Army

– Week 3: United States Air Force

– Week 4: United States Marines

– Week 5: United States Navy

Individuals can workout at any time during the challenge dates. Each workout will have modifications to accommodate all members of different fitness levels to complete in a checklist version.

Members can sign up at the Wellness Center front desk or here. Once complete, send your challenge cards to Dylan Linick at or turn in the hard copies to the Wellness Center front desk.

To promote the challenge, Dylan will instruct a “Hero WOD” group fitness class weekly on Tuesdays at 11:45 a.m. This class will consist of modified versions of the weekly challenge workouts and participants will earn credit towards challenge completion for taking part.

Lots of prizes are up for grabs:

– Each participant that completes at least 2 of the 5 weeks will receive an entry for a Phillips 66 shaker bottle (2 drawings).

– Each participant that completes 3 of the 5 weeks will receive an entry for a Phillips 66 t-shirt (2 drawings).

– Participants that complete all 5 weeks will be placed in a drawing for a Phillips 66 branded Yeti Tumbler (1 drawing).

– All individuals who sign-up for the challenge during the kick-off event will receive a drawing entry to win a Phillips 66 branded Nike gym bag (1 drawing winner).

For any further questions refer to the program FAQ.