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The Houston Wellness Center offers numerous fitness programs, activities and services to assist employees with their health and fitness goals. Our focus on engagement and education is most important in enabling employees to make better decisions regarding their health and wellness. 

Mission Possible 2024

Start off the new year with our 4th annual stunt, Mission Possible Challenge! Whether you’re training to save the world or become an A-list actor in the next big action flick, we’ve got you covered. This challenge will introduce you to a new movement skill each week, for the next 8 weeks, and get you back on track for 2024. Mission Possible welcomes all types of fitness levels, whether if you are just starting or you are a professional, each movement will have a modification to suit everyone’s capabilities. This challenge will begin Tuesday, January 16th, 2024!

For example, week 3’s theme is Burpees or Jump Squats. We programmed this to make it suitable for everyone to participate with the following modifications listed below:

  • Desk Option: 30 chair squats.
  • Undercover: 25 burpees and/or squat jumps.
  • Spy: 50 burpees and/or squat jumps.
  • Secret Agent: 100 burpees and/or squat jumps.

If you are enrolled in the mailing list, you will receive weekly updates that include a copy of the weekly exercise handout. Once completed, you can email the sender or personally drop off a copy to any wellness center staff member where they will record your participation. You can also personally pick up an exercise handout at the wellness center and complete in-person.

Everyone has a chance to win a prize! Prizes will be randomly awarded every two weeks to members that complete their weekly exercise challenges.

Mission Possible Weekly Exercise Themes:

  • Week 1: “No Man Left Behind” – Farmer’s Carry
  • Week 2: “Mission X” – Group X Class
  • Week 3: “Duck & Cover” – Burpees or Squat Jumps
  • Week 4: “Assault by Land or Sea” – Run, Bike, Row, and/or Swim
  • Week 5: “Retreat and Regroup” – Active Recovery
  • Week 6: “Establish perimeter, hold position” – Isometric Wall Sits
  • Week 7: “Accuracy & Ballistic Training” – Medicine Ball Chops and/or Basketball Shots
  • Week 8: “Bodyweight Stunt Training” – Bodyweight Exercises

Mission Possible Prize Drawings:

  • Week 2: P66 T-Shirt/Tank and Shaker Bottle
  • Week 4: RMR Test and P66 Nike Gym Bag
  • Week 6: Nike Gift Card and P66 Hoodie
  • Week 8: P66 Yeti 26 oz Rambler Bottle
  • Complete all 8 weeks: Beats Wireless Headphones

If you would like to enroll in the mailing list, please contact Cesar Carrillo.

February Volleyball Tournament

February 20th – February 22nd

The 2024 Volleyball Tournament is a returning three-day event. Participants will register at the Wellness Center front desk, or via Survey Monkey. Teams of four will be created by a Wellness Center staff member to ensure fair competitive play. Games will be played to 25 points, winning by 2 points.


  • Sign-up at the front desk with a Wellness Center Staff or Survey Monkey. 
  • Games will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 11:30 – 1:00 pm.
  • All players must check in with Wellness Center Staff prior to play.
  • A bracket with scheduled game times will be created and sent out to all teams.

Tournament Rules:

  • 3-day tournament.
  • Double elimination tournament with a top and bottom bracket.
  • Each game will be played up to 25 points, winning by 2 points.
  • Members will call their own in/outs, Wellness Center Staff will be present for finalizing calls.

Click the Survey Monkey link to register:

For any questions, please email Krystel Velez-Martinez.

MOVE with Pride

February 26th – March 8th.

A 2-week movement challenge designed to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV while also bringing in members of Pride ERG to be a part of the Wellness Center through a workout and group walk.

There are 3 ways to engage in the program.

  1. Complete a Wellness Center workout:
    • Build Awareness: Each exercise will be correlated with an AIDS/HIV statistic.
    • Prize: Once completed participants will be put in a drawing for a Wellness Center swag bag.
  2. Join WALK to End HIV:
    • A walk benefiting the fight to end the HIV Epidemic in Houston
    • Date: Sunday, March 3rd, 9:45 AM – 12:45 PM.
    • Location: Sam Houston Park (downtown)
  3. A one mile walk with the Pride Network:
    • Date: Tuesday, February 27th, 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
    • Location: Phillips 66 Houston HQ (Atrium)

Stop by the Wellness Center or the East Plaza to register and get entered into the PRIDE raffle.

For any questions, please email Olukayode Ojo (Kay Kay).