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The Houston Wellness Center offers numerous fitness programs, activities and services to assist employees with their health and fitness goals. Our focus on engagement and education is most important in enabling employees to make better decisions regarding their health and wellness.

Summer Olympic Games

July 15th – August 9th

The Paris Summer Olympics is here, and the Wellness Center is excited to jump in fun! Collect the greatest number of points at the end of the program to win enticing prizes.

An all-inclusive 4-week multi-sport event celebrating the Games of the Olympiad where each week will be a new fun sports-related activity.

  • Week 1: “Encompassing the putt”
    • Sport: Putt Putt
    • Contest: Compass Putting Drill x2
  • Week 2: “Who runs the court”
    • Sport: Basketball
    • Contest: Free Throw Contest
  • Week 3: “Paddle your way to victory”
    • Sport: Table Tennis
    • Contest: 50 second Wall Pass Drill
  • Week 4: “Let the feet do the talking”
    • Sport: Indoor Soccer
    • Contest: Reactive Multi-Directional Passing Drill

1. Seek an available Wellness Center staff member to commence each contest.
2. Each contestant will be allowed up to 3 attempts per day.
3. The final score for each week’s contest will be the player’s best performance of that week.
4. Accumulate the greatest number of points at the end of program to win enticing prizes


GOLD MEDAL: Massage Gun
SILVER MEDAL: P66 Insulated Yeti Tumbler
BRONZE MEDAL: Large P66 Nike Gym Bag

For more information, email Cesar Carrillo.